Sanso Seoul

Project Description

Sanso Seoul is a revolution in the world of high-end cosmetics. Its exclusive and highly personalized service allows results almost impossible to achieve anywhere else. To effectively rejuvenate your skin, the following steps should be followed:

  1. First, the client will go to the Sanso Seoul clinic for a small blood draw.
  2. Second, your blood will be manipulated in the laboratory. Here the extraction will be purified by separating the plasma.
  3. Finally, the plasma will be applied to the active ingredient of the cream or serum.

We believed that, being such a special, personal and high value product, receiving it and having it in hand should be an experience in itself, which is why we carried out a change in the artistic direction.  In this way, the client would receive at home a box sealed with liquid hydrogen that would keep the creams at a low temperature with a futuristic style.

Inside, customers will find an innovative thermal toiletry bag with an innovative polyurethane foam system that allows Sanso Seul products to be transported and taken on a trip, always keeping them at an optimal temperature for at least 24 hours.

Finally, there are the crown jewels, the fully personalized cream and / or serum made with your own platelets. As it is a unique product, both will bear the name of the user in question on the label as a guarantee that it is a 100% unique product.

01.  Client

Sanso Seoul

02.  Project Type

Branding, Packaging, Advertising.

03.  Year