Tiger Serie

Project Description

«The opportunity we had … and we lost.» The concept starts from, possibly, the only positive and hopeful aspect of this pandemic: the confinement and the halt of activities worldwide greatly benefited the planet. The decrease in the amount of trips in motor vehicles, the decrease in industrial production and consumption translates into less pollution, cleaner waters and clearer skies that saw their horizons expand unprecedentedly. The biomass was recovered and we were given the opportunity to «start over», to change our habits and become a society that stops its relationship more typical of a parasite to build a symbiosis. This is what the first work illustrates. On the other hand, this possible utopia never came to be, because after returning to this new normal we began to produce at dizzying rates, broadcasting in quantities greater than the previous ones as if we had to make up, negatively, the lost time. It is precisely this reality that is presented by the second illustration that shows us a destroyed biome and invaded by a new polluting species: masks.

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Illustration serie

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